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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Podcast #17 is here, and it's good!

News, interview and sounds...

It's all there, all the things you love.

While last week, Sjúrður Skaale was mainly talking about politics, he'll be talking about comedy this time. A very good interview.

And we end with another soundbyte... this time from the ferry to Suðuroy, Smyril.

All this, made out of love, and sprinkled with sounds, which you can listen to at:

More Comedy

Another video from Sjurdur Skaale. Part two of his interview will air on podcast #17, due out later today.

Conference Reminder

Reminder: Conference on evolution and religion hosted by podcast guest Arni Zachariassen happens this Saturday, June 20th at the Nordic House. For more information visit:

There will be one session in English, and organizers may stream that one live over the internet. If they do, we'll post a link to the broadcast here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Podcast #16 is released!

This week around, it's all about football (soccer) in the news, as both, the national team and the U21 have played.

Then, we dive into the interview, with Sjurdur Skaale, member of parliament, for example tells us why, he thinks the Faroe Islands are better off, as an independent country.

We then take a stroll through the Faroese Art Gallery.

At last, we end with a very special message.

Comedy, Ahoy!

A song from Haraldur, a characted written and performed by Sjurdur Skaale, the subject of this week's podcast...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Podcast #15 is released!

Podcast # 15 is here.

In this edition, we start of with some news.

Then we head over to a very interesting interview, with Ólavur Ellefsen, who is the CEO of Simprentis. A company, which has made an oil simulator, used worldwide.

Then, yours truly, has an interview with Kevin Skau, about, why he and 3 others, decided to come to the Faroe Islands for vacation.

We end this podcast, by traveling around the Faroe Islands with Norðlýsið, which is an antique sailboat.