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Monday, April 24, 2017

Podcast 276: Hitching to the Match

On this week's podcast, we thumb a ride to a World Cup qualifying football (soccer) match in Torshavn after unsuccessfully trying to take the bus to the stadium. The whole thing ends up with two grown men eating ice cream in the rain.

We also talk a bit about the recent international success various Faroese national teams have been having in recent months, including a stunning victory by the U17 football team (see video above).

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Podcast 274: Ove Logmansbo, Revealed!

Heri Simonsen (left) interviews "Ove Logmansbo"
Last November, we discussed the curious case of Ove Logmansbo. He claimed to be a half-Polish, half-Faroese author who set a trio of crime novels in his "native" Faroe Islands. The books, written in Polish, contained some serious factual errors that suggested Ove wasn't who he said he was and that he may not have ever been to the Faroes.
This week, it was revealed that Ove Logmansbo is actually Remigiusz Mroz, a famous Polish author who has written 30 books. And yes, he had never been to the Faroes before writing his three Ove Logmansbo books. But he made his first trip to the Faroe Islands this week, and it did not go as planned.
On our show, Heri Simonsen confronts Remi (in a polite Faroese way) about the inaccuracies in his books and the errors in how he portrayed the Faroe Islands and Faroese people. Then Heri and Matthew Workman talk about Remi's answers and the limits of fiction set in a real place.
We end with original music from Bryn Lidel. He's a musician from Portland, Oregon who wrote a song inspired by the Faroes.
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Podcast 272: The State of Tourism 2016-2017

Visit Faroe Islands winter film from Visit Faroe Islands on Vimeo.

From the very start, we've been interested in tourism in the Faroe Islands. In fact one of our first guests on the show was the head of the organization now known as Visit Faroe Islands. And every couple of years, we like to check in with the head of VFI to see how things are going. Unlike in previous years, tourism officials aren't thinking as much about how to bring lots of people to the Faroes so much as how to accommodate the ones that are coming in record numbers. And some are even asking a question that would have seemed unthinkable when this show started eight years ago: how much tourism is too much?

We'll discuss those questions with Guðrið Højgaard, the head of Visit Faroe Islands about the increased tourism volume, and the Sheep View campaign that made headlines around the world.

We'll also talk about the Faroe Islands U21 Handball Team's qualifying for the world championships this summer. If you want to see the winning, match, it's here.

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