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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Music, Music, Music

It's late at night on a Thursday and everyone has been enjoying an evening of good food and conversation. The host for the evening is Elin Heinesen. Around 2 in the morning, Elin picks up a guitar and starts to sing. Before coming to the Faroe Islands, I already knew Elin was an accomplished singer and musician. But to hear that voice in person... well... I'm not sure I was fully prepared for it. It's a voice that's clear and haunting and utterly enchanting. That short, impromptu concert was among the highlights of that trip.

Now I've received word that Elin, who's also an important member of our podcast team, is putting out an album early next year. The CD won't hit the shelves until January 15th, but you can go to this website, listen to some samples, and even place an advance order if you wish. I highly recommend it.

Listen to a sample, close your eyes, and you can almost imagine what it was like to be in that room on that special night.