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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And the winner is...?

Planet Awards just wrapped up in the capital city, Tórshavn. The awards conmemorate mostly musical acts, but a category like "Best YouTube video" was implemented this year.

Best Faroese CD: Terji & Føstufressar - Tvey

Best female singer: Anna Katrin Egilstrøð (Valravn)

Song of the Year: Grandma's Basement - Hon fær ongantíð nokk (ed: She never gets enough)

Best new act: Hamferð ( )

Best Faroese YouTube video: "Vit koyra grill út" (originally it had several 1000 hits, but they altered the video a bit, and dropped the old account)

Best male singer: Jens Marni Hansen

Band of the Year: The Dreams

Festival-photo of the year: You can see it here (Shot by Jón K. Joensen, at the G! Festival)

Recognition of the Year: The Rhythmical Choir in Hoydølum (a school which is the eqivalent of high school. They have staged several musicals, and it is for that, they get the recognition).

That's it for this years Planet Awards. See you next year!