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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Podcast 211: Johan Í Kollafirði and Famara

This week, we talk to  Johan Í Kollafirði. He's a Faroese actor, radio host, and farmer and a celebrity in a country that typically doesn't allow celebrities. Johan spent several hears homesteading (or squatting, if you take a different view) in an abandoned farm called Famara. It was the start of a plan to create a place that was a unique mix of Utopian retreat, artist's colony, and maybe even halfway house.

We start the show by driving down a treacherous road searching for Famara and Johan. Once we catch up with Johan (spoiler alert: he wasn't at Famara), we learn of the years-long project to restore the abandoned farm, and the Faroese government's attempts to evict him.

We spoke with Johan just as the eviction battle was heating up and making front-page headlines throughout the Faroes. So, we'll end with an update on what happened 10 months later. It's a tale that is at turns funny and heartbreaking.

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And we've got some bonus material as well this week. First, here's another picture of Johan that we liked...

Also, here's a video Johan made of his early days at Famara:

 And finally, here's what Famara looks like now.
Credit: Solborg Bordoy
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