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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Podcast 227: The Great (Whaling) Debate

Hans Hermansen (left) and Pete Bethune. Photo by: Heri Simonsen
This week, we bring you a debate between Hans Hermansen, a vocal proponent of Faroese whaling, and Pete Bethune, a conservationist and animal rights activist from New Zealand. The debate aired live on Ras 2 and is moderated by our own Heri Simonsen.

While the podcast maintains a resolutely neutral editorial stance on Faroese whaling, we encourage honest debate on the subject.

Heri set up this debate to give people on both sides of the issue to put forward their ideas in a forum less heated than, say, a street corner Q&A session. Both Hans and Pete were given the questions ahead of time, and people listening on Ras 2 could send in questions via text message.

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