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Monday, December 23, 2013

Podcast 199: Postal Redemption

This week, we celebrate Christmas the only way we know how, by talking about a mailbox.

First it's Heri Simonsen interviewing podcast host Matthew Workman on Ras 2. They talk about Christmas traditions in the US, the G! Festival, and a certain reality show we will not name here. At the end of the interview, Matthew got to pick a Christmas song to play on the radio. We couldn't play it on the podcast, but you can listen to it on the YouTube link above.

Then, we talk mailboxes. We ran an episode in 2012 where we made fun of the giant mailbox on Sandoy. Indeed, the show claimed it wasn't even a proper mailbox. Listener Jogvan Thomsen thought we missed a great story, and he sent us a letter that basically said we blew it.

Turns out, Thomsen was absolutely right. So this week, we talk to him about the real story behind the mailbox, and how it was once part of a Christmas tradition on the Faroes.

Then we try to apologize to the mailbox... with tragic consequences.

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