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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Podcast 200: Happy Birthday to Us!

Us, in 2009.
This week, we mark our 5th birthday, and the 200th episode of the podcast. So we're pulling out all the stops with an extra-long double episode. We'll revisit some of our favorite moments from the last 100 shows, and look forward to our next set of adventures.

We'll explore the origin story of the podcast, which actually starts with this post about British sailors being taken hostage in Iran. We'll also take in highlights of our show where I just wander the streets of Torshavn in the morning, our show where Heri does a comedy routine, and our accidentally great coverage of 2012's historic Faroe Pride rally.

We also talk to a Danish man who is on a quest to visit every country in the world. We caught up with him as he passed through the Faroe Islands, and you can keep up with his journeys by following him on Facebook, Twitter and on his blog.

And finally, we'll unveil our new adventure, Nordic Obsession Tours. We'll be leading a tour of the Faroe Islands this coming July. You can get all the details on the Nordic Obsession website, and you can keep updated by  following Nordic Obsession on Facebook.

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