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Friday, November 18, 2016

Podcast 267: The Curious Case of Ove Logmansbo.

This week, we learn about Ove Logmansbo, he's an author who has set a Polish-language crime novel in his native Faroe Islands. But the real mystery may be the author himself.

While Ove claims to be half-Polish and half-Faroese and to have spent much time in the Faroe Islands, details contained in the novel suggest these claims might not be true. We'll talk to Kinga Eysturland, who is from Poland, but also reads Faroese and speaks flawless English. She'll explain what details in Logmansbo's book raised red flags for her, and her unsuccessful attempts to contact the author.

Then we'll travel to Gota and visit a very nice soccer pitch.

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