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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Podcast 269: Music and Conversation with Jogvan

Photo Credit: Studio Bloch
This week, a special episode of the podcast. We've got a studio session and conversation with Jogvan. He's a Faroese singer who made it to the finals of Denmark's X-Factor in 2015. But Jogvan is a far cry from the type of pop singer you'd usually see on a televised singing competition. In fact, he's really not a pop singer at all. Instead, Jogvan is doing something more simple, more honest, and far more difficult.

On the show, he'll play two songs he's recording from his upcoming album, and talk about what drives him to create music. This is one of our very best shows. Enjoy.

(Bonus: If you listen carefully during the interview portion of the podcast, you can hear the new album from the doom metal band Hamferð being mixed.)

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