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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Podcast 123: Scenes From a Hike

This week, we take a hike up a feature commonly known as Slave's Peak.* It's a relatively easy hike, but the host and producer find a way to make it difficult. Along the way, they encounter stiff winds, angry birds (the birds, not the game), and piles of dung from various animals.

The hike takes between one and two hours, but this podcast is only 20 minutes long. So think of all the time you've saved.

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And as an added bonus, here are some images we reference during the show:
This is the place where we see the "grave" sign. And below, a close up.
And what hike would be complete without some heroic images of Tollak atop a mountain?
(*It's called "Slave's Peak" after a local legend that claimed slaves would be pushed off this cliff after their service was complete. However, the historical accuracy of this legend has been called into question.)