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Monday, January 30, 2012

Podcast 125: With Buddy Greene

This week, an interview with country musician Buddy Greene. He's probably best known in the Untied States for co-writing the Christmas song "Mary, Did You Know?" But he's also a harmonica virtuoso and he played a concert this month in the Faroe Islands. Our good friend Heri Simonsen interviewed Greene after the show, and also recorded Greene performing a traditional Faroese song with a choir. We've got the interview and the music on this week's show.

Also, we sample music from some of the acts announced for this year's G! Festival. And while we can only sample the tracks on the podcast, you can listen to them in their entirety below.

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And now, music. Here's John Grant singing "Sigorney Weaver"

And Hogni Reistrup singing "Reykjavik"

And the nutty lads from Retro Stefson with "Kimba"