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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bonus Podcast: St. Kodiak

On this bonus episode of the podcast, we listen to some music from Saint Kodiak. He's a Danish-Faroese singer who left the music business 15 years ago, but returned after being inspired by a hike in the Faroe Islands. We'll hear a song from his new album "Fumes."

We'll also get an update on our gofundme campaign. We're about 1/3 of the way to our goal. That's a good start, but there's plenty of room for you to help. If you listen to the show and you like it, please head on over to our campaign page and show us a little love... in the form of money.

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You want links? Then you're in luck, we've got plenty. You can learn more about Saint Kodiak at his website, Instagram, and Facebook pages. You can also hear more of his music on Spotify.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Podcast 311: G! Festival 2018, Part 2

Credit: Pi Performance Photography

On this episode, we look at the changes made at the G! Festival over the past several years. They've opened new stages, changed concessions, found an ingenious way to keep the beach clean, and continued to deliver cutting-edge music from the Faroe Islands and around the world.

We'll hear music from KATA, Teitur,and Kanska. Then we preview some acts that have already been announced for the 2019 G! Festival, which kicks off next month.

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Fundraising Time Again

We're headed back to the Faroe Islands to record more episodes of this podcast, and we need just a little help from you. We've set up a gofundme page and we're asking you to toss a little something into the tip jar. While gofundme appears to have eliminated rewards levels, if you donate at least $35, we'll thank you on the podcast. If you donate$55, we'll send you a post card from the Faroes.

If you listen to the show and like what you hear, please show us a little love and we promise we'll keep making shows that will entertain, inform, and hopefully take you on a little trip to an isolated, beautiful place.