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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Podcast 326: Tourism in the Time of Corona

Credit: Kristin Vang/Visit Faroe Islands

This week, we talk to Guðrið Højgaard, who is the Director of Visit Faroe Islands. These are strange times for people who promote tourism. Borders are closed, people are in lockdown, and almost all flights to and from the Faroe Islands have been cancelled.

But while things were shutting down, Højgaard and her team came up with Remote Tourism. We'll talk about how Visit Faroe Islands came up with this unique campaign, and the prospects for tourism moving forward.

Then we'll stand in front of a hotel under construction.

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Podcast 325: In The Studio With SAKARIS

On this podcast, we talk to SAKARIS. SAKARIS is a Faroese composer, producer, and musician living in Iceland. For the past two months, he's been going into the studio and allowing people to watch as he tries to create a song. Sometimes it goes well. Other times... well...

But whatever the result, it's a fascinating watch. We'll talk to Sakaris about the thrills and perils of creating with an audience watching, and how deadlines and constraints can make for better art.

Then we'll go to a forgotten village and search for some history.

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