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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Podcast 142: Viking Shores, Revisited

Vesturkirkjan-The West Church in Faroe Islands

Now that Whale Wars: Viking Shores has ended its run in the US and is on the air in the UK and Ireland, we check in once more with critic Andy Dehnart. We talk about the show as a piece of entertainment, and discuss how the Faroese people were portrayed in the show. And we ask the nagging question: did anyone win?

Then we stand outside the West Church in Torshavn (pictured above) and mope.

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Note: While we're discussing Whale Wars on this program, it's not really about whaling. Instead, this podcast is about the media and how the Faroese people were portrayed in the media. If you want to listen to a show about Faroese whaling, you can download our 2009 program on the subject: