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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Podcast 182: Foroyar 5.2

ORKA - Press Photo 2013 1
This week, we learn about Foroyar 5.2, the innovative musical installation that is a marriage of music and geology. Most of the sounds in the piece were created by traveling to the five seismic stations in the Faroe Islands, banging on nearby bedrock with sledgehammers, then taking the seismic information created by that action and turning it into audible sound.

The room where the piece is performed contains five video screens, one on each wall and one on the ceiling. While the piece plays the screens display images of the sounds being created at the seismic stations. No written description or sound recording can really capture what it's  like to be in the room when this piece is being performed, but on this week's podcast we'll give it a try anyway.

We'll hear a little bit of the piece, then talk to Jens Thomsen. He's the founder of the avant-pop group ORKA and the person behind Foroyar 5.2.

And before any of that, we'll listen to what it was like to land at the Vagar airport during the perilously foggy days last July (hint: everything was ok).

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