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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Podcast 201: Faroese, Anti-Whaling, Part 1

This week, we talk to Runi Nielsen. He's a Faroese conservationist and a leading voice against Faroese whaling. In part one of our interview, Nielsen makes the case against Faroese whaling and the long term effect of "Whale Wars, Viking Shores" on the debate in the Faroe Islands (hint: none).

While we recorded this interview last July, we released it this week in response to the old "Denmark is a Big Shame" email going viral over the weekend. The post is so full of inaccuracies that we're not going to get into it here. But if you would like to read some rebuttal and fact-checking from Russel Fielding, an academic who has been a guest on our show, you can find it here. The Huffington Post also has an opinion piece offering a different perspective on the whole "Big Shame" post.

Also on this week's show, we listen to some music from the first five acts announced for this year's G! Festival. And we listen to the sound of fireworks in Torshavn on New Year's Eve (see video above).

And if you're interested in seeing all five of those bands this summer, you can sign up for the tour we're leading of the Faroe Islands this summer. Just go to Nordic Obsession Tours to learn more and reserve your spot. Remember, space is limited to 8 people and we've already had our first couple of sign ups.

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