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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Podcast 204: Faroese Cooking

This week, we talk to Faroese chef Gutti Winther about cooking with locally sourced ingredients on the Faroe Islands. We'll also ask why he returned to the Faroes after working in some of the top kitchens in Copenhagen. You can watch an episode of his Faroese TV show here. (Even if you don't know Faroese, it's quite fun to watch.)

Then we'll travel south to Porkeri and find out why homes on this street (pictured above) are slightly larger than the average Faroese home.

We'll also find out what American hair metal band has been invited to play at this year's Summer Festival in Klaksvik.

And don't forget, we still have some slots available for our tour of the Faroe Islands this summer. It leaves from Copenhagen on July 8th, and we're limiting registration to just 8 people. To learn more, go to the Nordic Obsession website.

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