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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Podcast 208: G! Festival 2013, Part 1

This week, we look back at the first day of the 2013 G! Festival. The three-day event typically starts on a Thursday with a somewhat shorter bill of artists than in the following days. But there was no shortage of great music.

We'll hear a little music from Marius (pictured, above), Frostfelt, and BYRTA. We'll also explore the new features and venues the G! Fest added.

Our recap of the G! Festival comes a little later than it has in previous years. As a matter of fact, the festival has already started announcing acts for this year's event. You can see who's playing this July at the G! Festival website.

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Reminder, we'll be taking visitors to the G! Festival this year as an add-on to our ultimate tour of the Faroe Islands this July. To sign up, go to the Nordic Obsession website.