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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Podcast 220: Matt and Heri on the Radio

Live on the air at Ras 2
This week, our summer break ends as Heri Simonsen turns the tables on podcast host Matthew Workman and asks him the questions for a change.In this interview that was originally broadcast live on Ras 2 as part of it's special Olavsoka programming, Heri asks Matt about the recently completed Nordic Obsession tour, American soccer (football, to you European types), and about the uninvited guests to the Faroes who spent the summer skulking around in black hooded sweatshirts.

You can listen on iTunes, on our media player at the top of the page, or on Stitcher Smart Radio. Or you can download the show directly here:

On the live broadcast, we included some great Faroese music, but streaming rights prevent us from sharing the songs in their entirety here. However, we were able to hunt down a few of the songs in this Spotify playlist. Also, you can see some of the photos we took at this year's Olavsoka here.