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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Podcast 243: Faroese Music Awards, 2015

This week, we talk to one of the organizers of the Faroese Music Awards. The second annual event honored more than a dozen Faroese artists, and showcased 15 Faroese bands during the three-hour show. Rolant Waag Dam tells us how the show came to be, who the big winners were, and what's next for the fledgling awards show.

Then we'll head to the southern tip of Eysturoy and sit on a bench (pictured, above) that may or may not also be some sort of musical instrument.

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And, of course, the eclipse is almost upon us. If you're not lucky to be in the Faroe Islands for it, you can watch it online in many places. The BBC will have a webcam covering the eclipse. The Faroese national broadcaster will also have full coverage that will stream online. Check back later for the link to that broadcast.