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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Podcast 278: The Gay Whale Podcast

We've been doing this show for more than 8 years, and one thing we've learned is that the most popular podcasts are either about whales or gay rights. (Polish authors falsely claiming to be Faroese also do well, but that's another story.) So for years, the goal has been to do a podcast about gay whales because it would, we assume, produce amazing download numbers. This week, we find out if that's true.

On this episode, we talk to Eiler Fagraklett, the head of LGBT Foroyar about a children's book that features a whale that is... well... probably gay. We can't say for sure but, you know, probably. We'll read from the book and then talk briefly bout the state of LGBT rights in the Faroe Islands.

After that, we'll visit the newest tunnel in the Faroe Islands and see if its haunted. (Hint: it's not)

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