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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Podcast 213: Brynjolfur and Faroese Electronic Music

This week, we talk to Faroese musician/producer/DJ Brynjolfur. He's been prominent in the Copenhagen electronic music scene for some time, but his career has really taken off in the past year with tours of Europe, an upcoming set at Roskilde, a mention in Mixmag, and notice from the tastemakers at KCRW.

We'll talk about the early days of the electronic music scene in the Faroe Islands, and his transition to living in Denmark.

Then we'll head out to the beach on a cold, cloudy day and (surprisingly) find people playing in the water.

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Check out Brynjolfur's Soundcloud page. It's got both the songs we played on our podcast, plus original material, remixes, and mixtapes.

And finally, here's the music video to Brynjolfur's single, "I Love You." Enjoy.