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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Podcast 214: Checking In With The Neighbors, Orkney 2014

About once a year, we like to check in with the neighbors, specifically Shetland and Orkney. The two island groups are the Faroe Islands' closest neighbors, and they share a lot of history with the Faroes.

This week, we talk to Tom Ordeman about his relationship with Orkney, and the similarities between Orkney and the Faroes. If you want to read more about Tom's travels on the islands, you can find more on his blog.

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And watch out, because we've got BONUS MATERIAL. This week's show is pretty long, so we didn't have time for all the fun stuff in our interview. But here are two more fun bits. The first is about a comic strip that is essential to unlocking the secrets of Orkadian culture, and the other is about a sporting event called the Kirkwall Ba, which is something between a rugby match played between teams of a few hundred people, and a street riot in slow motion. You can listen to the bonus stories here.