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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Podcast 333: Whisky a Go-Go!


On this podcast, we talk all about whisky, or whiskey, depending on how you roll. Runi Nielsen is a well known Faroese activist, an installer of food inspection equipment, and a whiskey aficionado. We'll talk to Runi about how he got such a vast collection and what he loves about it. We'll also hear about the prospect of a Faroese whiskey. (In the time between the interview and the release of this podcast, that whiskey was released and it has received good reviews.)

We'll also get an update on the pandemic, and remember a lovely evening of song ten years ago.

As always, you can listen on every single podcasting platform in the world. Well, most of them. We're not on that stupid one that charges you money to listen and doesn't share that money with the podcasters. But you can find us on all the others. You can also listen on the media player at the bottom of this post or download the show directly here.