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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Podcast 334: Of Monuments and Men


On this podcast, we share two stories. First, it's a trip to a giant mailbox (pictured above, left). Many years ago, this podcast slagged off this mailbox on account of the fact that it's not an actual mailbox you can deposit mail into. 

This prompted a sternly worded email from listener Jogvan Thompsen (pictured above, right), who said we had gotten our story wrong. He also had some notes on other things other podcasts got wrong. In response, I met up with Jogvan the next time I was in the Faroe Islands and he set the record straight. As part of that show, I had wanted to personally apologize to the mailbox ,but that never really happened. But on this podcast, that wrong has been righted. We hear about the history of the mailbox, and why you can't put mail in it anymore. And we apologize.

Then we remember a ferry crossing, and a moment on song on the boat and how it makes us yearn for a time where we can travel again and reconnect with people and places we love.

We took the trip as part of a tour offered by a company now known as Tora Tourist.

As always, you can listen everywhere. We're everywhere. It's amazing you haven't heard the episode already. So break out whatever you listen to podcasts on and do your thing. If you want, you can listen on the media player at the bottom of this post, or you can download the show directly here.